Showroom #002: 17 July 2021

Thanks to great community submissions, the second edition is packed with appeal and value, with seven domains available at or below 6,000 HNS.

It’s been thrilling to see the submissions of fantastic TLDs continue unabated. Today’s issue is structured the same the first, with the addition of the showroom’s first featured ShakeDex listing and a bonus portfolio shoutout. Please keep the great domains coming! Here are today’s featured TLDs:

Top Picks

.RyeWhiskey/.RyeWhisky – This pairing includes both English spellings of this alcoholic drink (US/Ireland and UK/Canada). Rye whiskey has undergone a resurgence in the US, with volumes increasing 1,275 percent since 2009 (see below) and suppliers generating $236 million in 2019. Not to be overshadowed by American rye’s “daring peppery accents,” the Canadian and European variants of the spirit are mainstays in their own national liquor cabinets. Listed at 1,000 HNS each on Namebase, the owner is willing to sell the pair at 1,600 HNS total (offer with the same .XX decimal on both to indicate your identity).

.RewardZone – This two-word TLD offers the ability to connect with customers through an increasingly vital component of brand loyalty management. The owner is asking 3,000 HNS and offers can be submitted through Namebase, or DM via Twitter (@TheBrutman) or Discord (MrPhintastic#6409).

.BuyLocal – This TLD combines obvious commercial compatibility with the widespread movement to support local businesses and ethically source goods. It is also primed to thrive right-of-the-dot, with great adaptability for geo-subdomains. Listed BIN-only at a compelling 6,000 HNS.

.DigitalGallery – At the cross-section of prolific NFT creation/acquisitions and the burgeoning settlement of the metaverse, cultural institutions have been among the earliest and most popular real-world places to reimagine virtually. Even Sotherby’s has recently gotten into the game. This premiere TLD will soon become available via ShakeDex auction (Dutch/reverse format) with an opening price of 25,000 HNS and an ending price of 17,500 HNS.

Honorable Mentions

.USAbuilt – This TLD lets your customers know exactly where your product was made, making it a great fit for any manufacturer and carrying real SLD potential. The owner indicated that 1,000 HNS is the sweet spot and offers can be submitted through Namebase, or DM via Twitter (@TheBrutman) or Discord (MrPhintastic#6409).

.xn--l28hpe/ (🙏😇) – The only emoji TLD featured on World Emoji Day, this pious pairing has immediate multilingual relevance that would appeal to any omnist. Owner will accept a 2,000 HNS offer via Namebase.

.DoubleDouble – With the finals in full swing and the action about to start in Tokyo, this is the basketball TLD to purchase today! The owner provided the fitting price advisory of 2,222 HNS; submit through Namebase, or DM via Twitter (@TheBrutman) or Discord (MrPhintastic#6409).

.TitleTown – This is another great submission from MrPhintastic, who for some reason mentioned a bunch of teams not based in Massachusetts in his description. Nonetheless, it is included here with a price advisory of 2,500 HNS and the same contact instructions as the above TLD.

.caliber – A premiere 7L, this TLD packs a punch with relevance across industries with multiple connotations. Another anonymous, BIN-only offering listed on Namebase for 9,000 HNS.

.tokenopia – This distinct and fun-to-say TLD, which the owner defines as an overflowing store or abundance of tokens, is sure to resonate with the hopeful spirit of the crypto community. Listed for 15,000 HNS on Namebase; may also be contacted for offers.

Portfolio Highlight

Many around the Handshake community were aware that longstanding Discord user Thatnsun knew a lot about TLDs, but few understood the breadth of the portfolio being assembled in relative silence. Well, the tiger recently busted out of the cage, and Thatnsun’s website, take.ctrl, is a masterpiece of both design and portfolio composition. Offerings are organized across categories such as currency, technology, and 3L, and include singular/plural bundles and even premium non-English selections. Thatnsun’s contact information is available on the site.

Closing Notes

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